We rely on our parent volunteers, and we are so grateful for all you do to help out! Please see available volunteer opportunities below. Remember, getting involved is a great way to stay in the know!


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We’ll have more volunteer opportunities available soon. In the meantime, you’ll find descriptions below of some of the most common volunteer tasks. Thanks for getting involved!


Lunch volunteers: We frequently need parents to help monitor kids in each Studio location during lunch hour on Saturday rehearsals, as our production team often travels between locations at the break.

T-shirt pickup: You’ll be in charge of picking up all the show t-shirts from our vendor and bringing them to the theatre once tech week starts. Shirts should be organized by student name/size for easy reference.


Costume run: Sometimes we need help picking up costumes from our vendor in Dallas and bringing them to the theatre on load-in day. All you need is a vehicle and a little time.

Storage run: We usually need help grabbing our necessary set pieces from storage and loading the truck. We’ll let you know when and where. We have storage locations in Grapevine and Irving.

Set Load-In: Do you have a power drill? Know how to work it? Or do you just have a can-do attitude and the ability to follow directions? We need you on load-in day! Load-in is when our set is built—literally before our very eyes—in the theatre for the first time. There will be heavy lifting, power tools, some painting, and a lot of laughter. We sometimes request “Load-In Dads,” but we absolutely take Moms, too! We do ask that you leave littler kids at home, though. Older teens are welcome to help, provided they can stick to the task at hand. Safety comes first in the theatre.

Headshot board: We put the headshots of every student in the production on display in the theatre lobby during each show run. If you’re in charge of this task, you’ll collect all the headshots and mount them on foam board. Bring them to the theatre at some point during tech week, and make sure they get put on display by about 6 p.m. on opening night. The theatre has easels available for our use.

Mend/sew/iron: We almost always have last-minute costume fixes, and we need extra hands that know how to iron or are good with a needle and thread!

Water: We ask volunteers to provide a case of water backstage each night.


Ushers: Arrive about 30 minutes prior to show time. You’ll check patron tickets and hand out programs at the doors to the house. You can easily do this job and still see the show.

Ticket Booth: Arrive about 40 minutes prior to show time. Sit in the ticket booth and help hand out pre-orders or sell tickets. You can do this job and still see the show.

Backstage Helper: Arrive at call time. You’ll stay throughout the show and help keep tabs on the students. Assist with quick changes, keep noise levels down, and anything else that comes up! You won’t be able to see the show if you do this job, so if you have a child who is double cast, this is a good position for your child’s off/tech night.


Cast party: This is optional, but if you’re interested in coordinating a cast party, we’d love your help. We have had parents do parties at parks, at their own homes, or at restaurants. It can be whatever you want it to be! Sometimes when we combine multiple Studio casts, it’s easier for a parent from each location to coordinate a party for his/her own area. But we’d love to see someone find an option that works for the whole cast & crew whenever possible!

Laundry: We have a number of items that will need to be laundered after the show before going back to storage. This is an easy, do-at-home job. Just take the items home with you from strike, and bring them back to your Studio when you’re done.