Greetings, Citizens of Arendelle!

We are so excited to be able to continue work on this amazing show! Below you will find a list of questions and answers that we hope will help clarify how we expect our production to operate amidst current circumstances. Please note that answers might evolve with time, as we get more information from both the MCL Grand Theater and the City of Lewisville. We’ve tried to provide the most current and accurate details as possible. If you have a question and don’t see it listed here, please send it our way. Thank you for your cooperation!

Kellie Carroll
Production Manager

Rehearsal Information

How will rehearsals work?

As is typical with our summer productions, we will begin rehearsals at the student’s home studio for the first week, July 6-10. (Your home studio is the one where you usually attend classes or that is closest to you.) For this show, our two home studios will be FRISCO and GRAPEVINE. After the first week, we will move to holding rehearsals at the MCL Grand Theater in Lewisville through our performances.

Important details:

  • Home studio rehearsals will have MAX 12 students and 1-2 staff members in person. Other cast and production team members may be called via Zoom. 
  • The MAX we will call to the MCL rehearsal hall in person on any day is 30. This will accommodate one whole cast, plus the needed production team members & directors.
  • If called in person to a studio rehearsal, you will only be called to your home studio (Keller students will go to Grapevine). 
  • Cast members are expected to come to rehearsals OFF BOOK! (You should have a script already. If not, please let us know.)
  • If you are called via Zoom (the alternate cast who is not called in person), it will be at one of two designated times, with an easy access Zoom link (for either Direction, Choreography, or Music) that will be available on the online productions calendar for that day.
  • You may be called on the schedule by home studio, cast, or by individual character. Please know your role/ensemble title, your home studio, and your cast color! 
  • If a cast member is called IN PERSON to either the studio or the MCL, that student will be called the ENTIRE rehearsal day. There will be no half days for any students! 

PLEASE NOTE: We will have very specific safety protocols in place for both studio and MCL rehearsals that will affect things like drop-off, pickup, lunch, etc. Please see the Safety Protocol questions on this page for more information.

When will we know the exact rehearsal schedule?

In past summer shows, every cast member was called all day to every rehearsal. That will not be the case this summer due to safety precautions. We will have a full, finalized rehearsal schedule to you by the week of June 22. It will be published on the calendar here.

In general, rehearsals will be held July 6-10 at home studios (Frisco or Grapevine), and July 13-22 at the MCL Grand Theater in Lewisville. In-person call time is 10:00 am, and students called in person will be there for the entirety of the rehearsal day (either 4 pm or 5 pm, which will be noted on the calendar in advance). There will be a one-hour lunch break from 12-1 pm, but students will NOT be permitted to leave the studio or MCL (for safety purposes) and must bring their own nut-free meals.

Where is the updated cast information for the show? Are there new cast lists?

Due to scheduling conflicts and changes for some of our previous cast members, and to accommodate smaller cast sizes for safety measures, we have made some changes to our cast lists. You can find updated cast lists, complete with performance schedules, here.

What will a typical rehearsal call look like?

This is JUST an example of what schedules might look like when published online, to give you an idea of how it will work.




Cast Purple ONLY (of GV Studio) : Hidden Folk / Hygge Ensemble : 

Grayson Davidson, Frankie O’Neil, Chloe Burke, Lane Britten, Reagan Patterson, Ara Slavin, Ella O’Neil, Emily Pearson, Annabelle Thackray, Catey Spraggins (10) 


11:00AM – 12:00PM 

All casts / those not in the purple cast  : Hidden Folk / Hygge Ensemble & Dance Captains

*via : CHOREOGRAPHY zoom link 

2:30PM – 3:30PM 

All casts / those not in the purple cast : Hidden Folk / Hygge Ensemble & Dance Captains

*via : CHOREOGRAPHY zoom link  


10:00AM – 4:00PM 

W / MR. PRESTON & MS. TIFFANY (or Ms. Kellie – maybe both, depending on #s) 


CALLED VIA ZOOM : Green & Purple Cast (timing & structure TBD) 

What are the lunch rules?

Students will not be permitted to leave either the Studio or the MCL for lunch breaks, as we need to minimize exposure. Please pack a nut-free lunch and drink each day you are called in person.

Safety Protocols

How will check-in and check-out work at rehearsals?

When rehearsals are held at the home studios, the following procedures will be in place for drop-off and pickup:

  • We will begin staggered arrival to rehearsals at 9:30 am in order to safely check everyone in and start on time at 10 am.
  • Staff Members will be on hand to check students’ temperatures using a no-contact temperature gun. Students must not have a temperature exceeding 100. Guardians should not leave until students are successfully admitted into the studio.
  • Upon entering the studio, all students will be asked to wash their hands.
  • Students will be dismissed one at a time through the door for social distancing. A staff member will have to identify the guardian in the car at the door of the studio. 

Once we move to the MCL for rehearsals, check-in/out will proceed as follows:


  • The MCL Grand will be using traffic cones to close traffic on the MAIN STREET SIDE of the building. It will be designed like the school carpool line!
  • Parents & Carpools : Cars will drop off students. Students will meet Studio Staff Members outside of the drop-off line for temperature check.
  • If after three temp checks, the student is at 100.3 or higher, the student will be released back to the guardian. Students at a safe temperature will be allowed to enter the building.


  • Guardians will have a CAR NAME SIGN (provided by the Studio) with the name of the child they are responsible for in the windshield of their car. Once the Studio Staff Member identifies the car, guardian, and CAR NAME SIGN, the student will be allowed to enter the vehicle. Guardians will remain in the car. ( Just like school pickup lines!)
  • If you are a carpool, please request extra names for your carpool group to ensure safety!


  • Dismissal for TECH NIGHTS – 9:30PM. Students will be walked out to the carpool like with a staff member into the car of the guardian with CAR NAME SIGN in windshield. 


How will students practice social distancing during rehearsals?

  • Students will have a designated space / chair within the Studio and MCL rehearsal hall. 
  • Students will be reminded and strongly encouraged to socially distance. 
  • Blocking will be creatively adjusted to make as much space and distance per student on stage.

Will students and/or staff be required to wear masks?

Please note: While this may change, the MCL is currently REQUIRING MASKS for all who enter the building UNTIL JULY 1ST.  This is not under our control.

  • Students are strongly encouraged to BRING and WEAR a mask for ALL REHEARSALS and for downtimes (if not eating). We prefer this for the majority of the rehearsal process. 
  • Masks can be removed when suggested by the director for a specific show need. 
  • Staff members will ALWAYS be wearing a mask. 
  • Masks will be strongly encouraged before showtime, in waiting times/downtime, before “places,” and upon dismissal. (These details are subject to change upon safety protocols of the MCL). 
  • ON STAGE : Students will wear masks for choreography but will have the option to remove mask during solos, lines, directorial guidance (and safe) points in the show. Rest assured that each cast member will have their own personal wireless microphone for performances, so all voices will be heard loud and proud!

Will students be sharing any equipment or costumes?

It is our intention to eliminate the need for any sharing of equipment or costumes to avoid any cross-contamination potential. We will let students know of any and all materials they must bring or provide to ensure that each person has his/her own items at all times.

How will social distancing work at the MCL for audience members?

Some of these details are still in the works at the MCL, and we will update you as we are able. Right now, it is our understanding that we will be permitted to sell only 126 tickets per performance (less than 50% capacity), which will ensure ample space between performers and audience members as well as between seating groups. We will continue to update you with specifics from the theater as we hear more information.

Performance Information

How will the show be performed?

We will be doing a creative and exciting concert version of this show! Each cast will only perform in their designated showtimes, which means each performance will have one of the smallest casts EVER in an Acting Studio Production. In addition to helping keep us safe, this more intimate casting will also allow us to feature more actors and amplify more individual voices. We’re really excited about the possibilities!

In addition, we will not have a traditional set, and students will be creatively positioned to ensure they are visible, with carefully designated areas for safety-adjusted choreography and singing.

We understand that this will be different from what we have all experienced before, but we have every confidence that we will create something magical and innovative in a performance that both protects and inspires us all.

Are there additional safety protocols to follow for tech week and performances?

Yes, and as we get closer to performance dates and have further instruction from the MCL, we will provide you with all necessary details. For now, here is our safety information:

  • Students will arrive, follow the same safety procedures as rehearsal, then report to the main stage. 
  • Students will always be on the STAGE AREA (except for bathroom breaks, etc.) 
    • BACKSTAGE : will only be used for restroom needs, approved touch-ups, to communicate with a volunteer parent (bandaids, health, etc.) 
    • One big dressing room assigned for restroom use for males / one big dressing room assigned for restroom use for females. 
  • HOLDING AREA / REHEARSAL HALL : Students will always have their personal, designated space in the Rehearsal Hall that can be utilized if need be (with Staff Permission) during tech week and shows. 
  • DISMISSAL : Guardians will be invited into the HOUSE (AUDIENCE AREA) between 9:40 and 10PM. Students will be ready for final thoughts (director notes will have been previously given) and dismissal. 
    • Students will be called one at a time, in alphabetical order, to leave the stage through the House, with their guardian. 
    • This will allow more staggered dismissal timing for safety. 
  • Students will come on show days completely show READY! – Hair, Make Up, Tshirt! 
  • Floor spike tape marks and labeled “safety zone” distancing will be indicated! 

Will students wear costumes?

No. In order to minimize contamination potential, we will not have costumes for this show. Cast members will wear their show shirts (and possibly matching or creative show masks!) for all performances. We understand some cast members might wish to provide their own costume pieces, but in the interest of leveling the playing field and minimizing all the moving pieces, we ask you to help us keep things simple and safe. Our show shirts will be fabulous!

Which casts perform when?

You can find cast performance details on the cast list page by clicking here.

Ticketing Information

How do I buy tickets?

We are still working on our ticketing process in conjunction with the MCL, as they finalize seating plans. Please stay tuned for an email from Mr. Shane!

Are comp tickets still available?

Yes. We will still be honoring comp tickets; however, if you have already requested them, we might be asking you to complete the form again. Please stay tuned for a more comprehensive ticketing-related email from Mr. Shane.

What if I already bought tickets?

We are still working on our ticketing process in conjunction with the MCL, as they finalize seating plans. Please stay tuned for an email from Mr. Shane!

Other Questions

What if I have more questions?

That’s what we’re here for! Please send any questions to and we will help answer to the best of our ability.

What is each student required to bring/provide?

In the interest of limiting contact between students and staff, we are asking each cast member to provide:

  • SIGNED LIABILITY RELEASE. This is the most important thing! We must have a signed copy at the start of rehearsals to ensure your participation. You can print the liability release here.
  • Clear mic tape. This is a clear medical tape that can be ordered or found at drug stores and grocery stores, etc. We will make sure your student knows where to find it and how much to get.
  • Pants/bottoms/shoes. We will provide details about what cast members should wear in conjunction with their show shirts for performances.
  • Masks or face coverings. If you’d like to wear one, please bring your own (and consider labeling it just in case!).
  • Personal sanitizing kit. It’s a great idea to have a bag labeled with your name that contains all your favorite safety and hygiene products, such as hand sanitizer, cleaning wipes or sprays, etc. This will be in addition to your usual sanitary needs like deodorant and so on.

Where can I find the Liability Release?

You can click here to download and then print the Liability Release. This must be provided at the start of rehearsals in order to participate in this show.

Do I need to re-do my program ad or bio?

Not unless your casting has changed and you’d like to update those details. If you aren’t sure if you provided an ad or bio yet, feel free to submit another one and we will get it sorted out. The ad submission form can be found here, and the bio submission form can be found here.