We need a few parents to help us during (and just before) our Tech Week as we prepare for the performance!

Please note that set load-in is on a SUNDAY at the theater and usually goes from 10am – 5pm. The day-before run will be on SATURDAY to our storage unit in Grapevine & potentially to the Close garage in Southlake, and we will definitely need LOTS of helpers that day, too. Ms. Kim will be sending an email with specifics about what we need, and more information regarding times will be provided as soon as we have it. If you want to help with the storage run but have specific time constraints, please feel free to send those to Ms. Kim, and we can try to work around your needs so we can get as many hands as possible! Please note that the storage run will likely be EARLY AFTERNOON and might take 2-3 hours. You do NOT need a big car; we load the set onto a U-Haul.

T-shirt pick-up dates are flexible, and we will be in touch with more details. If you sign up to bring water bottles, one case of cold water (in a cooler if you can bring one) would be great! We will return the cooler after tech week or that night if possible.

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  What When Name
  What When Name
 Day Before Load-In RunJuly 20, 2019 #1: Sean K.
 #2: (empty) - sign-ups closed
 #3: (empty) - sign-ups closed
 #4: (empty) - sign-ups closed
 #5: (empty) - sign-ups closed
 #6: (empty) - sign-ups closed
 Costume HelperJuly 21, 2019 #1: Leslie C.
  #2: Jodi S.
 Set Load-InJuly 21, 2019 #1: Wes F.
  #2: Cynthia T.
  #3: Peter T.
  #4: Chris C.
  #5: Chance S.
 #6: (empty) - sign-ups closed
 T-shirt PickupJuly 23, 2019 #1: Julie P.
 Backstage HelpersJuly 22, 2019 #1: Lacy B.
  #2: Leslie C.
 Backstage HelpersJuly 23, 2019 #1: Leslie C.
  #2: Jennifer W.
 Backstage HelpersJuly 24, 2019 #1: Leslie C.
  #2: kristin k.
 Water BottlesJuly 22, 2019 #1: Lacy B.
  #2: Leslie J.
 Water BottlesJuly 23, 2019 #1: Cindy T.
  #2: John and Atsuko D.
 Water BottlesJuly 24, 2019 #1: Leslie C.
  #2: John and Atsuko D.
 Headshot BoardJuly 24, 2019 #1: Destiny P.