We typically require most students (male AND female) to have a variety of dance shoes, including jazz shoes, ballet slippers, tap shoes, and character shoes. How much you want to invest in these is up to you, especially when your feet are still growing quickly. However, you will get good use out of your shoes—if you treat them kindly. These shoes are extremely useful standard costume pieces, even if you don’t do much dancing.

Where should you buy your footwear? That’s up to you, but here are some suggestions:

  • Need them right now? Academy and Payless usually carry standard jazz shoes and ballet slippers in stock at a very affordable price. 5678 in Southlake has a wide variety of high-quality shoes as well, including tap, but you might need to special order. It’s great to have your foot professionally fitted, too.
  • Want to order online? If you know the size and style you prefer, this is a great option. Amazon, Discount Dancewear, and plenty of other sites have great quality shoes available.
  • Are you in Triple Threat? If so, and if you’re going on tour, you will likely be required to have a specific brand and style of shoe, so before you invest in something on your own, talk to Ms. Kellie.
  • Still unsure? Ask Ms. Kellie what will work best for your needs. She’s always ready to help!